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Here’s How Marketing Can Help Your Business

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Good marketing helps customers understand why your product or service is better than the competition. It also helps you reach your target audience, boost your prospective customer base, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Few businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs know how (or where) to invest their marketing budget if they even have a budget for marketing.

The truth is, without marketing, your business cannot grow. You may remain idle, or highly reliant on referral-based leads. Referrals are always beneficial, but with the new coronavirus, less in-person networking will likely to occur. This means your business might struggle to gain exposure or get new clients.

That is how marketing can help you. Marketing informs your customers about your products (or services), and in return, customers get to know the value of your products (or services). Effective marketing boosts brand awareness.

Hiring a marketing staff person may not be feasible for small businesses, non-profits, or entrepreneurs. Instead, you may be more inclined to hire a marketing agency.

At Myada Communications, we are different than a big marketing agency because we bring a personalized level of creative strategy for every project. With us, you are getting a personalized approach from our team of highly skilled professionals who can bring your creative ideas to life. Together we can increase your brand awareness, customer engagement, and leads by identifying your target audience(s) and using effective marketing tactics.

We have worked with federal, state, and local government agencies, corporations, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small businesses. We specialize in communications, content development, marketing, public relations, and website design.

Elaine Myada, the founder of Myada Communications, brings over 18 years of marketing experience to her clients. She has worked in executive-level positions at top public relations firms in Washington DC. She has supported the government, corporate, and non-profit clients like the Department of Health and Human Services, Clorox, Delta Airlines, Best Buy’s Geek Squad, YMCA, and the House of Ruth.

Her goal at Myada is to educate her customers, helping them understand marketing. “About 80 percent of my job is educating my clients about marketing,” Myada said. “I like to teach my clients about their target audiences and how to deliver their message effectively.”

To date, she has helped over two dozen clients refine their brand, enhance their message, and increase their sales exponentially.

Are you ready to streamline your marketing strategy, define your brand messaging, and gain more leads? If so, check out our services page here.

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